Ein brauner und ein rot-oranger Sattel in einer mongolischen Landschaft


Dr. Jargal Badagarov

University Heidelberg

Teaches: Classical Mongolian


Csaba Göncöl

Ottoman Era Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Siences and University of Szeged

Teaches: Chagatai


Dr. Lkhagvademchig Jadamba

(affiliated researcher)



Dr. Nurlan Kenzheakhmet

(affiliated researcher)


Nurlan Kenzheakhmet war born in Xinjiang, China, to a Kazakh family. He received his PhD for works on history (Moscow, 2005) and archeology (Beijing, 2007). He has authored many works on the archeology, history and historical geography of Central Asia, among them Eurasian Historical Geography as Reflected in Geographical Literature and in Maps from the Thirteenth to the Mid-Seventeenth Centuries, published 2021 by OSTASIEN Verlag Germany.


Dr. Mirko Sardelić

(Visiting fellow - November-December 2021)

Dr Mirko Sardelić is a historian of medieval and early modern cross-cultural exchange, especially between the Mediterranean world and Eurasian steppe. He is a Research Associate at the Department of Historical Research of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Zagreb), and also an Honorary Research Fellow at the ARC Centre for the History of Emotions based at the University of Western Australia (2015-2021; 2021-2024).

In November and December 2021 he was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Austrian Historical Research at the University of Vienna, at its Mongolia Cluster, and at the Institute of Iranian studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Institut für Iranistik der ÖAW). Under the general framework of the project ‘The Mongol Empire and 13th-century Europe: Mobility, Exchange, and Displacement’, Dr Sardelić carried on collaborative research (with Dr Francesca Fiaschetti) on cross-cultural approaches to othering (Christendom – the Mongol Empire – China); cross-cultural experience and expression of emotions, and different approaches to the concept of End of times and apocalyptic scenarios.


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